Operation ELF


Since 2001, Volunteers in the San Francisco Bay Area have collected toys, clothing,foodstuffs and donations for needy families in the Sacramento and Bay Area communities. Operation ELF (Everybody Loves Families) has served over 300 families by bringing each family holiday spirit through gifts, food and grocery gift cards to help make their holidays a little brighter. Hundreds ELF1of volunteers, organized by MDI, MML and other community organizations, have gathered together each year to ensure that low-income families are taken care of during the holidays. We work with churches, social services and schools to identify distressed families and volunteers then meet with each family to determine their need. Once they are qualified, a volunteer is assigned to sponsor the family, while the ELF team gathers gifts, food and cash to be distributed to the families.  100% of the cash and Donations gathered ELF 6is distributed to the families. Operation ELF also serves Women’s shelters and group homes.

In the past 12 years, Operation ELF has raised almost $100,000 and served hundreds of needy families, making their holidays a little brighter!

Your donations are urgently needed! We operate entirely through the generosity of donors. Any amount is welcome and distributed to the deserving families. But,  without your help we can only do so much! If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and wish to get ELF 3involved, or wish to contribute gifts, services or new clothing, please contact an Operation ELF representative at operationELF2014@gmail.com


Video of 2009 Operation ELF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ApI9GmELA